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Admissions Policy 2018 – 2019

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Admissions Policy and Procedure

Our Lady’s R C High School is a Roman Catholic Secondary School provided by the Diocese of Salford and is maintained by the Manchester Local Education Authority as a Voluntary Aided School. The school’s governing body is the admissions authority and is responsible for taking decisions on applications for admissions. For the school year commencing September 2016, the governing Body has set its planned admissions number at 150.

The Governors recognise that the first responsibility of the school is to serve the Roman Catholic community for which it has been established. This is focused on the designated parish communities and the Roman Catholic primary schools that are partners in providing for those communities.
The parish communities and associated primaries serviced by the school are:-
1. St Anne’s
2. St Chad’s
3. St Clare’s
4. St Malachy’s
5. St Patrick’s
6. Manchester residents who attend St Thomas of Canterbury.

Admissions Criteria

  1. Priority will be given to all Looked After Children and previously Looked After Children* who are Roman Catholic over all other Roman Catholic applicants.
  2. Baptised Roman Catholic children living in the above named parishes and attending associated primaries.
  3. Baptised Roman Catholic children who have a brother or sister at the school at the time of application
  4. Baptised Roman Catholic children who currently attend other Catholic Primary Schools
  5. Baptised Roman Catholic children in other maintained primary schools
  6. Other Looked After Children and previously Looked After Children* who are not Roman Catholic over all other applicants who are not Roman Catholic.
  7. Non Catholic children who have siblings who attend Our Lady’s R.C. High School
  8. Non Catholic Children who attend the associated Primary schools named above.
  9. Non Catholic children living outside the above parishes.
  10. Other children seeking a Catholic education

If applications in any category exceed places available, they will be further ranked as follows;

If any of the categories are oversubscribed, Governors will allocate places by reference to subsequent categories in order. For example, if category (2) is oversubscribed, children who satisfy both the second and the third categories will have priority over the children who satisfy only category (2)

Children living nearest the school. Distance is to be measured in a straight line from home to school using the Local Authority’s computerised measuring system.


  1. The Governing Body has a statutory duty to admit Children with Education Health & Care Plans that names a specific school. This means that these children will be allocated a place before any other places are allocated.
  2. A ‘Looked After Child’ or a child who was previously Looked After but immediately after being Looked After became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order. A Looked After Child is a child who is (a) in the care of the LA, or (b) being provided with accommodation by the LA in the exercise of their Social Services functions (see the definition in Section 22 (1) of the Children Act 1989).
  3. Each Roman Catholic Applicant will be required to produce a Roman Catholic baptismal certificate. It is the responsibility of parents and carers to provide evidence of Faith, where necessary, at the application stage.
  4. For children where there is shared personal responsibility, the address where the child resides for the majority of the school week will be used
  5. Siblings are defined as blood brothers and sisters, step brothers and step sisters and adopted brothers and adopted sisters, or the child of a parent/carer’s partner where the child for whom a school place is being sought, is living with the family as a single family unit.
  6. If there is a situation where only one place is available and the next children to be offered are twins or triplets, both twins or triplets will be offered places
  7. The school will hold a waiting list for children who have not been offered a place. If places become available , they will be offered in accordance with the admissions criteria
  8. The Governing Body reserve the right to withdraw the offer of a school place where false evidence is received in relation to baptism, sibling connections or place of residence.


IN-YEAR Transfers between Secondary Schools (Years 7-11)

  1. All Looked After Children and previously Looked After Children who are Roman Catholic
  2. Baptised Roman Catholic children who have recently moved into the area and do not have a school place at another school
  3. Baptised Roman Catholic children who have a brother or sister at the school at the time of admission
  4. Baptised Roman Catholic children living in maintained parishes
  5. Other Baptised Roman Catholic Children
  6. Other Looked After Children and previously Looked After Children who are not Roman Catholic over all other applicants who are not Roman Catholic
  7. Non Catholic children who have siblings who attend Our lady’s R.C. High School
  8. Other children seeking a Catholic education
  9. In Year Transfer Waiting List (Yrs 8-11)
  10. If places are available then children who qualify under the published criteria will be admitted. The school will maintain the waiting list for the full academic year.


If an application for admission or an in year admission request has been turned down by the Governing Body, parents/carers can appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel. This appeal must be made in writing to The Clerk to the Independent Appeals, PO Box 532, Town Hall, Albert Square, Manchester, M60 2LA within 20 days of notification of refusal. The parents/carers must give their reasons for appealing in writing and the Appeals Panel decision is binding on the Governors.

Application Process for Year 7 and Years 8-11

All Applications for a Year 7 High School place needs to be completed by Monday 30 October 2017. All parents/carers applying for a school place will receive a card through the post with their child’s application reference number on for applying online; All details of how to apply is with the application form on the website.

Applications can also be sent in the post to Parents/Carers, if they do not have access to a computer.Parents/Carers can put on the application any school and the council will process them and will send the details to any other authority off the school they are requesting. Three preferences need to be made in total.If it is a late application these will not be processed at the same time as the ones that have been received on time. Parents/ Carers will be sent letters offering places on 1ST March 2018 by Manchester Education Authority.

In Year Admissions for Year 8 – Year 11 need to be made to The Admissions Team, PO BOX 532, Town Hall, Manchester, M60 2LA or on line ;

The details of the application will then be forwarded to the school for consideration and if there are places available in the requested year group, places will be allocated using the admissions criteria. If there are no places available, the pupil’s name will be added to the waiting list.

PDF Icon Admissions Policy 2017-2018
PDF Icon Admissions Policy 2018-2019