What Is Literacy?

Literacy includes the key skills of reading, writing and oral communication that enable pupils to access different areas of the curriculum.

How are Literacy Skills Developed at Our Lady’s RC High School?

  • At form time, once every week, pupils in Year 7 and Year 8 read their independent reading books and complete their reading logs. Through the use of three reading strategies pupils develop their understanding of vocabulary. Pupils in Years 9-10 read an article from a broadsheet newspaper and use oral prompts to explore the issues raised.
  • Pupils in Year 7 and Year 8 complete a Hodder reading age test, each half-term. The information from this test is used to identify which pupils would benefit from reading intervention. These pupils are provided with additional support and are withdrawn from their weekly independent reading lesson and take part in a termly reciprocal reading intervention programme. This reading programme focuses on the use of non-fiction texts to support pupils’ reading and understanding across all subject areas, additionally this enables pupils to see the importance of reading skills in all subject areas.
  • Across all subjects teachers use the principles of the ‘Reciprocal Reading’ programme to develop pupils’ independent reading skills, this includes the following principles: predict, clarify, question and summarise.
  • Across all subjects teachers use a simple yet effective marking policy which supports pupils to independently proof read their writing to ensure that they are consistently writing in Standard English.


How Are Literacy Skills Developed Through Extra-curricular Activities?

  • At Our Lady’s we understand that reading for enjoyment is essential both in terms of outcomes and pupils’ cultural capital, consequently we have a well-stocked library that pupils are able to use before school, at break, lunchtime and after school. Pupils can use the computers for research, complete homework, use revision guides and read for pleasure.
  • In Year 7 all pupils have the opportunity to visit Manchester Central Library. They have a tour of this magnificent resource and are given the chance to borrow books to read at home.
  • We have a group of Year 10 pupils who are Literacy Leaders; they support pupils in younger year groups in developing their reading skills.

How Can You Support Your Child In Developing Their Literacy Skills?

The most crucial way that you can help is by ensuring that your child is regularly reading, at home.

  • If they are in Year 7 and Year 8 they should have the following items in their school bag at all times: independent reading book, reading log book and book mark.
  • If they are in Years 9-11 they should be encouraged to have an independent reading book and they should take part in our Penguin Classics reading challenge.

Literacy Leaders:

We also have a student body passionate about promoting literacy across the curriculum and champion our new initiative of reading for pleasure, meet the team:

Literacy Leaders 

Notice to Pupils:


Challenge to all staff and pupils:

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If you have any further inquiries in regards to literacy across the curriculum please contact Miss C Ryan.