What Is Numeracy?

Numeracy involves developing confidence and competence with numbers and measures. It requires understanding of the number system, a repertoire of mathematical techniques, and an inclination and ability to solve quantitative or spatial problems in a wide range of contexts. Numeracy also demands understanding of the ways in which data is gathered by counting and measuring, and presented in graphs, diagrams, charts and tables.

How are Numeracy Skills Developed at Our Lady’s RC High School?

  • At form time, once every week, pupils across the school take part in a numeracy challenge. This is differentiated according to ability and answers are entered into a prize draw.
  • Pupils in Year 7 take part in ‘Rock’ Multiplication each week. During their Maths lessons they have 150 multiplications to answer to a different themed song. Pupils who show improvements from week to week are rewarded for their excellent progress.
  • Across all subjects teachers are given tools to use numeracy within their subject area. This includes posters around their classrooms which are relevant to their curriculum.

How Are Numeracy Skills Developed Through Extra-curricular Activities?

  • At Our Lady’s we understand that numeracy is essential both in terms of outcomes and pupils’ success for the future. We have a Maths club open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunch time for students to continue their studies and use the computers to further their skills.
  • In Year 7 and 8 each form competes in Mathletics. Students in each house face each other in a numeracy competition where they battle out their skills for the title.
  • We run a peer mentoring programme where students in years 7 – 10 mentor other students within school to help boost their Maths grade.

How Can You Support Your Child In Developing Their Numeracy Skills?

The most crucial way that you can help is by ensuring that your child is able to recite their timetables up to 12x12 with ease, at home.
All students receive a graded Mathematical skills test as part of their homework each week. Ensuring your child has the space and time to complete this homework, check their answers and research methods to tackle each question is essential in ensuring your child leaves Our Lady’s with the best level of numeracy skills possible.

If you have any further inquiries in regards to numeracy across the curriculum please contact Mrs S Haniak.