Faculty Leader:

Miss F Khan


Miss H Woosey


TheICT Faculty is a successful, dynamic and forward thinking Faculty where staff is committed to stretch our students’ understanding of ICT and help them achieve an insight of the subject beyond the specification and in all walks of life. We are keen to embrace new technologies which enhance the learning experience we provide for our students. The Faculty has a supportive, friendly atmosphere where new ideas and approaches are welcomed and openly discussed. We always aim to make our ICT lessons challenging, stimulating and fun! At the heart of our ethos lies our mission “Success through learning, achievement through faith”. Our dedication to our student’s is inspired by this vision and we remain dedicated in our actions as we believe that every student has the ability to learn, achieve and succeed.


Today, we live in a world of technology and know how to use it. The AQA GCSE course moves them from 'how to use it' to exploring how technology is created and the effects it has – not just in your daily lives, but in other realms such as e-commerce, communication, the workplace to politics and legislation.

Year 10 and 11 Curriculum:

Unit 1:- Written Paper – 1 ½ hour exam – 120 marks = 40% of overall grade

  1. This is a theory exam that is externally assessed and explores the different topics varying from hardware and software to legislation in the ICT world.
  2. Section A – 10 questions ranging from very short to answers requiring 2-3 lines.
  3. Section B – 3 questions requiring short and extended answers.
  4. Section C – 1 essay question from a choice of 2.


Unit 2:- Controlled Assessment – 100 marks = 30% of overall grade

  1. This is the Unit where you can really get stuck in to practical problem solving using ICT.
  2. You will complete a single task that you will take control of and produce a solution.
  3. Your will then work on the design, creation, testing and evaluation of your solution, your portfolio will share all this with the examiner.


Unit 3:- Controlled Assessment – 100 marks = 30% of overall grade

  1. This is the Unit where you can become a project manager.
  2. You will organise and set up the running of a project of your choice, organising the School Prom, a local sports team or could even be a school charity event.
  3. You will then create a portfolio of how you organised this event, keeping a reflective journal and evaluating its success as your final piece of work.


Year 10 and 11 Curriculum:

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It must be noted that this subject is no longer available as Key Stage 4 option subject due to the curriculum reform, to read more about this please click on the link below, page 11 highlights the motion explicitly.

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(November 2015)