Faculty Leader:

Mrs L Robson


Mrs L Robson


Psychology involves pupils having the opportunity to consider and discuss questions relating to aspects of human behaviour and development such as personality, gender, thoughts and beliefs and how they contribute towards behaviour in certain situations. The faculty provides a safe and welcoming environment where every student is respectful and adheres to the ethical guidelines they are taught.


To provide students with the opportunity to consider and discuss research questions relating to human behaviour in a scientific and ethical environment.

Year 10 and 11 Curriculum:

GCSE Psychology

The course consists of two written papers their weighting is outlined below:
Paper 1 =40%
Paper 2 =60%

Topic A & B are studied in Year 10 and Topic C,D &E in Year 11, each topic is investigated using different research methods and theories.The topics are:

It must be noted that this subject is only available at Key Stage 4 and therefore there is no Key Stage 3 curriculum available.