Year 8


Head of Year: Mr J Edwards

Vision for Year 8

My vision is for our pupils to become more rounded and confident pupils in society equipped with the tools to be successful. I want pupils understand that something’s are worth working hard for and being dedicated does pay off. My vision is to have my year group as hardworking, punctual and dedicated as possible. I want my year group to be in the best possible position to choose what subjects they want to study when to come to options.

Top 3 Priorities Year 8:

1. Pupils to enjoy school life.
2. Pupils to achieve the best levels that they can.
3. To ensure pupils arrive to school and lessons on time to receive the best education possible.

Mr Edwards’ Inspirational Quote:

"Success is no accident. Its hard work, perseverance, learning, study, sacrifice and most of all love of what you are doing." (Pelé)

Option Process 

Our Lady's RC High School provides a broad and balanced curriculum which engages and challenges our students so that they achieve the best possible range of qualifications to enable their future aspirations to be fulfilled. The curriculum is designed to offer students a diverse and coherent choice of courses and learning experiences so that they develop skills and knowledge that remain with them long after examinations. This enables students to leave school as confident and independent life-long learners, equipped with the transferable skills needed to thrive in a changing world.

Options Booklet 2017
Subject Overviews 2017