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Here, at Our Lady’s, we are conscious that starting or moving school is a major step for all children. We firmly believe that by working together, your child can make this step securely. We will do everything we can to develop the potential of every child who attends our school both academically and socially. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and show you that every child, in our care matters.

To find out if there are any places available please contact the school on 0161 507 9640 and ask for Admissions Department.

The annual deadline for submitting Admissions Applications to Manchester City Council is Thursday 31st October 2019. Families will hear confirmation of their child's place by Monday 2nd March 2020 for those receiving a response via email. Postal responses will be sent on Monday 2 March 2020.

Tours of the School

If you are a Year 6 parent and would like a tour of the school with the Headteacher, Mr Ormsby please contact or call 0161 507 9670 and request to speak with Miss Royle to book an appointment.

Uniform Offer:

September 2020: Free School Uniform for admissions in Year 7 only.*

* Free School Uniform: Blazer, tie and PE kit consisting of polo shirt with the Our Lady's R.C. embroidered badge and shorts.