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At Our Lady's R.C. High school we strive to provide a broad and well balanced curriculum for a students who most importantly have choice in shaping their own curriculum. In all departments we offer an engaging and inspirational learning environment, placing Christ at the centre of everything we do. In the classrooms we impart knowledge and strive for outstanding academic outcomes but we also feel it is paramount to nurture the young persons sitting in our classrooms. 

"Without confidence and love, there can be no true education" (St. John Bosco)

Key Stage 3 Curriculum 2016-17:

Below is the listed allocations at Key Stage 3 level for each subject. The number signifies how many lessons the year group has over the two week timetable.

Year 7 8 table

Key Stage 4 Curriculum 2016-17:

Below is the listed subjects studied at Key Stage 4 level. The number of lessons received in each subject are as follows:

 KS4 Collection

 If you have any enquirers about the curriculum please contact Mr Nightingale.

2017-18 Curriculum Plan

Below is a schedule for the next academic year showing the time allocations for different subjects differentiated by year group. 

2017 18 Curriculum Map V2