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Music - See Miss Durbin if you are in Years 7 and 8 and are interested in drum, brass, woodwind or guitar lessons

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In STEM club pupils are able to explore all areas of science including science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We work closely with the Museum of science and industry and also STEM ambassadors who come into the sessions so pupils are taught various areas of STEM by highly qualified specialists.


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What does it take to live on a space station or travel to another planet? Our Lady’s are currently forming a team to create the critical innovation that will get earthlings to Mars?

We can learn so much from overcoming the challenges of space exploration if you are willing to go INTO ORBITSM and beyond With Our Lady’s STEM club participating in their FIRST® LEGO® League!

Pupils will also work as part of the wider science community, collaborating with our young scientist across the country on projects. The most recent project pupils have done is the ‘space seeds’ project which was run by the British astronaut Sir Tim Peake alongside the RHS. In this project pupils were collecting data with 20,000 other pupils across the country into the effects of radiation and microgravity in space on Rocket seeds. The aim of this project was to see if it was possible to send seeds on the Mars mission for growth on Mars, or whether the journey would affect the seeds too greatly.

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Pupils have also been supported by a STEM ambassador where they have built and programmed Lego Mindstorm robots. Pupils learned about the principles of programming and problem solving skills when they explored how to make the robots move to their commands.
Alongside the great work they do in school pupils also have the opportunity to explore other areas of science through regular trips organised by the STEM team at the Museum of Science and Industry and also Manchester University. Pupils will take part in nationwide competitions such as the Manchester STEM challenge, where last year our lady’s pupils achieved 2nd in the region and the Faraday challenge and also just go and have some fun with different areas of science.
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If you want to know any more information about STEM Club, please see Mrs Wilson in school or email her by clicking on her name.