Savio House

Our annual residential retreat to Savio House in the beautiful Cheshire countryside near Macclesfield offers the perfect opportunity for quiet contemplation and thought-provoking group discussion.

Run by the Salesian community and young volunteers, this fully-catered residential experience provides the ideal environment for our students to develop the confidence to be themselves, understand their gifts and the meaning of faith in their lives and celebrate their unique strengths. Within the relaxed and fun Savio House setting staff watch on as student friendships strengthen, self-esteem grows and our students are encouraged to think about how they should tackle the challenges life throws at them.

The students get to know each other better, and reflect on their own life journey so far during a residential experience that enables them to explore areas of spiritual enrichment and develop greater resilience to help them play their part in building a fairer world.

Savio House 2016

This most recent trip ran from 19-21 October and saw the students working as a team on a range of fun activities including a brilliant water balloon activity where they had to use a towel to throw a balloon to the next pair to catch on a towel. The outcome was hilarious with both pairs getting increasingly frustrated but feeling a real sense of achievement if they managed to complete the challenge.


Savio House offers a valuable combination of self-exploration with time spent in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Eucharist and writing diary entries as well as engaging in team-building exercise and enjoying the fresh air with a group walk. There was also a fantastic social on the last night which is always extremely rewarding for everyone involved as it is the end of a bonding experience and the students are relaxed and smiling.

Savio House 2018

Savio House will take place for Years 9 & 10 on the 17th - 19th October 2018 .