Mr A Nightingale


Mr A Nightingale

Mrs J Gibbons

Mr J Cooke

Vision for STRIDES Inclusion Centre:

Here at Our Lady’s we acknowledge that some students struggle in a large mainstream environment. Factors, often beyond their control impact on their behaviour which affects not only their own learning but that of their peers.We operate an onsite alternative provision centre STRIDES. The centre is specifically designed for disaffected students in the hope that we can re-engage them in education. Students are placed in STRIDES for an initial 6 weeks monitoring and intense support period the objective is always to re-integrate them back into mainstream school. Last year 100% of the Year 11 students who accessed STRIDES achieved GCSE’s and other recognised qualifications. This year we have developed the centre with a new purpose built unit offering a broader curriculum delivered by specialist teachers. This has enabled us to extend the provision offered to Key Stage 3 pupils. We have invested in our young people in the hope that some respite in an alternative setting will enable the students to maintain the feeling of being part of the Our Lady’s community.


• To ensure Our Lady’s Mission Statement, “To know, love and serve God” is placed at the heart of all learning and teaching.
• To ensure quality Teaching and Learning is delivered to maximise progress, attainment and outcomes.
• To meet the educational needs of learners disaffected through behaviour.
• To reduce the need for offsite provision.
• To address underperformance in disaffected learners.
• To raise aspiration in students who avail the unit.
• To secure quality pastoral support to meet the needs of the most vulnerable.
• To reduce the risk of NEET by introducing targeted support, so creating adaptable resilient learners ready for transition.

Student Testimonials:

"When I used to be in the actual school building, I used to be an aggressive person who bottled things up then exploded because I hated school. I wasn’t a nice person, I was always fighting I used to have low self-esteem, I didn’t have much confidence and I didn’t really learn much because I could never concentrate. I guess I was a bit troubled. But then I got moved into the STRIDES centre, I knew nothing about it; this was all new to me but it made a change in me. I’m not as aggressive, I’m confident and I am learning. I feel a lot better being in here than in the other building. I can concentrate and I am happy just because I have been given the opportunity to turn myself around in the STRIDES centre rather than getting kicked into a project school. I feel as if I’ve grown into a strong mature woman ever since I came into here."


Chloe-Year 11 STRIDES student


STRIDES has helped me a lot because since I have been in here for a year and a half I am a completely changed person. Before I came into STRIDES I was a misunderstood young girl in a big school. Everyone thought I was naughty and a trouble causer who had a bad attitude but I was just struggling to learn in the lesson and because there were other students who needed help I would mess around and get thrown out of the lesson so I wouldn’t have to admit I was struggling with the learning. This led to me nearly being thrown out of school and I was put on respite in another school's isolation unit. I was then put in STRIDES. STRIDES has changed my views on school because I am now getting the help I need because I am in a smaller group with other students who struggled like I did. Since then my behaviour has changed completely at home as well as in school. I am like a totally different kid who completes all her work and got her grades up to grades I never thought I would get. I am now sitting 9 GCSE’s. Two years ago I thought my learning journey was over and I am so grateful for my second chance in school.


ANON- Year 11 STRIDES student

Top 3 Priorities for the Inclusion Centre:

1. To provide an inclusive learning environment where the most disaffected students are inspired to re-engage in education with the hope to re-integrate them back into mainstream school.
2. Offering of a broad and varied curriculum to optimize and maximize outcomes for students.
3. Providing vocational opportunities to STRIDES students raising their aspirations.

STRIDES Inspirational Quote:

"We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion.” (Max de Pree)

If you have any further inquiries in regards to STRIDES please contact Mr A Nightingale.