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Faculty Leader:

Miss F Khan


Ms M Crossman
Miss F Khan
Miss H Woosey


The Computing Faculty is a successful, dynamic and forward thinking Faculty where staff is committed to stretch our students’ understanding of Computer Science and help them achieve an insight of the subject beyond the specification and in all walks of life. We are keen to embrace new technologies which enhance the learning experience we provide for our students. The Faculty has a supportive, friendly atmosphere where new ideas and approaches are welcomed and openly discussed. We always aim to make our Computing lessons challenging, stimulating and fun! At the heart of our ethos lies our mission “Success through learning, achievement through faith”. Our dedication to our student’s is inspired by this vision and we remain dedicated in our actions as we believe that every student has the ability to learn, achieve and succeed.


  1. The ICT Faculty aims to develop students’ understanding of Computer Science with excellent teaching, strong subject knowledge, high expectations and a good understanding of our students’ needs.
  2. We aim for our students to develop a range of relevant skills including decision making, problem solving, and independent learning to name a few. We believe that students that study subjects from our Faculty will gain a positive attitude to real life experiences and will gain appropriate skills to use after leaving us.
  3. We aim to use well established methodologies of computing, alongside the technological advances to make it such a dynamic subject. One that is inspiring to teach as it is to learn.
  4. We recognise and have built a curriculum that provides an academically challenging programme of study for our students which caters for all levels of ability. Our subject comprises popular aspects of Computer Science and features to help develop our student’s skills such as computational thinking, logical reasoning, problem solving and programming.
  5. Our Computing curriculum from Year 7 through to Year 11 is tailored to the strengths, preferences and National Government Standards which aim to provide the building blocks for progression.