Faculty Leader:

Mrs N Jones

Head of Department:

Mr T Banham


Mr T Banham
Mr Z Grenier
Miss K McCarten (Tech)


The Creative Arts Faculty at Our Lady’s R.C. High School strives to provide a high quality Arts education for all students through a specialist and combined curriculum. As Catholic educators we aim to use our beliefs and values to help nurture and develop students so that they enter the wider world as academically, morally and socially enriched young people. As well as solid qualifications, students will acquire an appreciation and affection for the Arts which will continue to enrich their lives. We believe that Expressive Arts can develop students to become cooperative, responsible, independent and reflective individuals. Learning through the Arts at Our Lady’s will ultimately prepare them to make a positive contribution to wider society. We believe that every student has the potential to be brilliant. We believe individuality should be celebrated. We believe every student from these experiences will develop skills, knowledge and understanding through innovative, unique and an inspiring Arts curriculum in Music, Drama, Photography, Textiles and Art.

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’ – Albert Einstein


EDUQAS GCSE Drama at Key Stage 4 offers students the chance to explore practical and theory based Drama, experiencing a variety of techniques, plays and practitioners first hand. Drama students will devise drama, perform a section of a play and explore a play practically to then complete a written exam.

Year 9 Curriculum:

Year 9 focuses on upskilling ready for GCSE:

• Explorative Strategies: Sophistication
• Intro to Devising.
• Genre Study: Soap Opera
• Exploring a text
• Intro to Drama practitioners

Year 10 and 11 Curriculum:

Year 10 GCSE Drama
• Devising
• Genre Study: Melodrama
• Set text study
• Scripted Performance
• Unit 3 Written paper prep

Year 11 GCSE Drama
• Unit 1 Devised Exam
• Unit 2 Exam Performance from a set text
• Unit 3 Written Exam Prep

It must be noted that this subject is only available at Key Stage 4 and therefore there is no Key Stage 3 curriculum available.

Knowledge Organisers

Year 7 Survivor

Year 8 Physical Theatre

Year 9 Devising

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Annual School Production

Each year we produce a full scale musical widely noted as a highlight of the school calendar.

We have some amazingly talented and committed students here at Our Lady’s who enjoy pushing themselves each year to better their previous performances.

Previous Shows:
• Bugsy Malone
• Little Shop of Horrors
• Joseph
• High School Musical
• Hairspray
• Back to the 80s

This year’s production we are proud to announce will be…..

LES MISRABLES (School Edition)

Running from 1st – 3rd February 2017

Tickets will be released soon, contact main school number for further details or Mr Banham.

MANCEP Shakespeare Festival

Each year Our Lady’s Drama department fields an entry to the MANCEP partner schools and colleges Shakespeare Festival. It is a fantastic event and a great opportunity to showcase the acting talent of our students.Our Lady’s will perform a 30 min piece alongside 3 other schools/colleges, it is a public event held at Loreto Sixth form college (Tickets are free, we only ask for a charitable donation).

Romeo and Juliet

This year’s festival date is Tuesday 15th November 2016. 

Our Lady’s R.C. High School will be performing Romeo & Juliet

Romeo and Juliet