Faculty Leader:

Miss J Jones


Miss H Bramley
Mr S Brandreth
Mrs R Greaves
Mr L Haughton
Miss S Hibbs
Mr S Rutledge
Miss C Ryan
Miss K Taj
Miss L Winter

Ethos of the Faculty:

The English Faculty at Our Lady’s is committed to fostering an interest in and love of English: developing pupils' reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for life. As a core subject within any curriculum, we seek to enable pupils to use skills acquired in English lessons in other subject areas, as well as beyond School.
Due to the nature of the subject and stimuli, English provides plentiful opportunities for promoting tolerance and valuing others, an awareness of the world we inhabit and the processes that have shaped it, our moral responsibilities and the spiritual dimension of our lives, in harmony with the Catholic ethos.


To ensure every child leaves Our Lady’s RC High School with a working knowledge of the English language, the skills necessary to succeed in further education or the workplace, and a love of literature.

Year 7 Curriculum:

  • Autumn Half-term 1: Whole text study of Number the Stars by Lois Lowry
  • Autumn Half-term 2: The History of Language
  • Spring Half-term 1: Epic Stories and Myths
  • Spring Half-term 2: Chaucer and the Oral Tradition
  • Summer Half-term 1: Hamlet and the Ghostly Tradition
  • Summer Half-term 2: Fairy Tales (the Brothers Grimm)
Year 7 

 Year 8 Curriculum:

  • Autumn Half-term 1: Morality in Shakespeare: Othello, Macbeth, and Julius Caesar
  • Autumn Half-term 2: Women in Literature
  • Spring Half-term 1: The Origins of the Novel (Gulliver’s Travels and Tom Jones)
  • Spring Half-term 2: Poetry: The Romantics (William Blake)
  • Summer Half-term 1: Travel Writing
  • Summer Half-term 2: Study of a Modern Novel
Year 8

 Year 9 Curriculum:

  • Autumn Half-term 1: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (GCSE text)
  • Autumn Half-term 2: 20th Century War Poetry
  • Spring Half-term 1: Animal Farm by George Orwell (GCSE text)
  • Spring Half-term 2: Contemporary Media and Journalism
  • Summer Half-term 1: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (GCSE text)
  • Summer Half-term 2: Study of a Modern Novel  
Year 9

Year 10 and 11 Curriculum:

Pupils undertake GCSE courses in both English Language and English Literature, following the AQA specifications and achieving two separate GCSEs.

In Year 10, pupils study texts and poetry for their English Literature GCSE, which is examined in the summer of that year.

In Year 11, pupils study fiction and non-fiction writing from both the 21st century and the 19th century, as well as learning to convey their own ideas through writing.

Year 1011

Year 1011 V2

AQA English Literature Specification AQA English Language Specification

Revision Links:

Below are links to different YouTube clips with tutorials for anthology poetry for the GCSE English Literature Exam Paper 2.

  1. Ozymandias
  2. Exposure
  3. Storm on the Island
  4. Extract from The Prelude
  5. London
  6. Kamikaze
  7. Poppies
  8. War Photographer
  9. Remains
  10. Bayonet Charge
  11. The Charge of the Light Brigade
  12. Tissue
  13. Checking Out Me History

Notice to Pupils:

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