Art and Fine Art

Faculty Leader:

Mrs N Jones


Mrs N Jones
Mrs R O'Shea


The Creative Arts Faculty at Our Lady’s R.C. High School strives to provide a high quality Arts education for all students through a specialist and combined curriculum. As Catholic educators we aim to use our beliefs and values to help nurture and develop students so that they enter the wider world as academically, morally and socially enriched young people. As well as solid qualifications, students will acquire an appreciation and affection for the Arts which will continue to enrich their lives. We believe that Creative Arts can develop students to become cooperative, responsible, independent and reflective individuals. Learning through the Arts at Our Lady’s will ultimately prepare them to make a positive contribution to wider society.
We believe that every student has the potential to be brilliant. We believe individuality should be celebrated. We believe every student from these experiences will develop skills, knowledge and understanding through innovative, unique and an inspiring Arts curriculum in Music, Drama, Photography, Textiles and Art.
‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’ – Albert Einstein


Art and design gives pupils hands-on experience of the creative and cultural industries, challenging them to unearth and express ideas. As pupils discover their creative potential, they begin to create opportunities for themselves - in their present and future lives.As pupils progress, they begin to express ideas, feelings and meanings. Throughout, pupils learn to reflect critically on their own and other people's work. They also develop an appreciation of the role of art, craft and design in creative and cultural industries.

At KS3 students will lay the foundations learning about the history of art, craft, design and architecture, including periods, styles and major movements from ancient times up to the present day. At KS4 students will build upon their prior knowledge and become independent, confident individuals drawing upon artists and movements to support the development of their own work.

Key Processes
In art and design, pupils develop skills in order to be able to:
• Explore and develop ideas;
• Investigate and make art, craft and design;
• Evaluate and develop work.

They acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of:
• The visual and tactile qualities of materials and processes
• How these can be manipulated and matched to ideas, purposes and audiences;
• Codes and conventions and how these are used to represent ideas, beliefs and values in works of art, craft and design;
• Continuity and change in the purposes and audiences of artists,
• Craftspeople and designers from Western Europe and the wider world.

Year 7 Curriculum:

Personal development is a vital part of the key stage 3 curriculum and art and design has a distinctive contribution to make in this area. The art and design programme of study provides opportunities to plan sequences of work, learning outcomes and teaching approaches that support personal development through the five Every Child Matters outcomes.

• Drawing techniques
• Colour theory 
• Structure and Form 
• Developing cultural and social awareness 
• Symbols and culture

All projects are subject to change as and when public projects/competitions arise to enhance the creative learning experience.

Year 8 Curriculum:

• Portrait, proportions, grid drawings
• Portrait and identity/digital
• Exploring decoration
• Cultural artworks 
• Creating 3D/textile works
All projects are subject to change as and when public projects/competitions arise to enhance the creative learning experience.

Year 9, 10 and 11 Curriculum:

GCSE Art and Design and GCSE Art Textiles

60% - Unit 1 Coursework
40% - Unit 2 Final examination (10 hours)

Each project encompasses four assessment objectives.
o AO1 - Artist/source research
o AO2 – Experimentation
o AO3 - Design ideas and final designs
o AO4 – Final designs

Through Y9 students are familiarised with the GCSE grading/marking criteria. They develop their creative skills through a journey of investigation and individualised approaches. The current year 9 focus is ‘TEXTURE’. In year 10 students explore their own strengths and build on their skills towards building strong coursework portfolios. The current year 10 focus is ‘Word and Image’. In year 11 Students complete their mock exam from September to November. Post their mock coursework is further developed. The current mock theme is ‘Diary’.

The final GCSE examination commences in January. Students will select a question from the current AQA paper.

Knowledge Organisers:

Year 7 Rotation 1 Intro to A&D

Year 8 Basquait

Year 8 Portraits

Year 9 Under the Microscope

Year 9 Identity

Year 10 Urban Landscape

Year 10-11 Urban Landscapes

Fine Art Knowledge Organisers:

Year 9 Observational Drawing Still Life

Year 10 Expressive Portraits


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