Head of Faculty:

Mrs N Jones

Head of Department:

Miss J Durbin


Miss J Durbin
Miss S Nicholson


“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice" (Vladimir Horowitz).


The music department at Our Lady’s operates on a carousel alongside Art and Drama, with classes receiving two half terms of music throughout the year, five lessons a fortnight. Lessons are available to all pupils in KS3 as part of their curriculum, with the option to take either GCSE (AQA) or BTEC Music Level 2 at KS4. The department also offers free instrumental music lessons which are provided by specialist visiting tutors. Pupils receive a 20 minute group lesson each week on their chosen instrument. Instruments are available to borrow to aide home practice and practice rooms are available during lunch time and after school to allow pupils to practice at school.

Year 7 Curriculum:

1. Elements of Music
2. Heroes and Villains
3. Composition – Introducing Music Software
4. Chinese Music
5. The Music Industry
6. Orchestra Landmarks – Galaxies and Space

Year 8 Curriculum:

1. Pop Music
2. Music for Film
3. World Music – Samba
4. Composition – introducing music software 2
5. The Music Industry and managing a music event
6. Theme tunes

Year 9 Curriculum:

BTEC Level 2 certificate

1. Welcome to Music – Skills Boost
2. Extended Composition
3. The Music Industry
4. Introducing Music Performance
5. Marketing a Music Product

Year 10 and 11 Curriculum:

Pupils in KS4 receive 5 hours of lessons over a fortnight. Pupils can take a Level 2 BTEC certificate in music, which is hugely popular with instruments such as the guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, drum kits and singers. The course combines elements of music performance and composition with the more vocational aspects of the music industry, such as managing events. Our recent show talent shows and concerts have been part organised by our current BTEC pupils and have proven to be highly successful, showcasing the best talent that Our Lady’s has to offer. The course is three years in duration, consisting of three coursework modules and one summer exam at the end of Year 11. This is a highly inclusive course and suitable for all pupils with a range of abilities on their instruments.

Pupils who have taken ABRSM music exams (grades 3 – 5 standard) can take Eduqas GCSE Music, which incorporates elements of performance (30%), listening and appraising (40%) and composing music (30%). The course is over two years and has two coursework modules consisting of solo and ensemble performance, along with two compositions and an exam at the end of year 11. Pupils who enjoy all genres of music but in particular classical and world music are well suited to this course, allowing them to learn the theory of music as well as developing their performance and composition skills.

Knowledge Organisers

Year 7 Elements of Music

Year 7 Galaxies and Space

Year 7 Popular Music

Year 7 The Blues

Year 8 Film Music

Year 8 Pop Music

Year 8 Theme and Variations

Year 8 World Music

Year 10 Afro Celt Sound System

Year 10 Samba Em Preludio

Year 11 Brandenburg Concertos

Year 11 Defying Gravity