Media Studies

Faculty Leader:

Miss F Khan


Miss F Khan
Miss H Woosey


The ICT Faculty is a successful, dynamic and forward thinking Faculty where staff is committed to stretch our students’ understanding of Media Studies and help them achieve an insight of the subject beyond the specification and in all walks of life. We are keen to embrace new technologies which enhance the learning experience we provide for our students. The Faculty has a supportive, friendly atmosphere where new ideas and approaches are welcomed and openly discussed. We always aim to make our Media Studies lessons challenging, stimulating and fun! At the heart of our ethos lies our mission “Success through learning, achievement through faith”. Our dedication to our student’s is inspired by this vision and we remain dedicated in our actions as we believe that every student has the ability to learn, achieve and succeed.


The Media Industry is an extremely broad market which is extremely competitive and you need to show true dedication from early on in your academic career to pursue a successful career in the Media Industry. In studying GCSE Media Studies you will gain both skills and an understanding of how different Media is constructed is used in everyday life and the practical and creative skills of making your own media such as movie trailer, film poster and more.

Year 9 Curriculum:

Year 9 focuses on developing key analytical skills, key concepts and understanding of different media forms and platforms within the Media Industry. 

Year 10 and 11 Curriculum:

Unit 1: Investigating the Media
• Written Paper – 1 hour 30 mins – 60 marks – 40%
• External Assessment based on pre-released topic with guidance and stimulus.

  1. The topic for the current Yr 10 will be:Serial Television Drama
  2. The topic for the current Yr 11 will be: Television Game Shows

Unit 2: Understanding the Media
• Controlled Assessment – 90 marks – 60%
• Three Assignments:

1. Introductory assignment focused on the Magazine segment of the Media industry. Media Studies
2. Cross-media assignment focused on the Music segment of the Media industry.
3. Practical Production and Evaluation on the Film segment of the Media industry.

 Due to curriculum reform different year groups are following different AQA specifications however the attachments are below: 

Year 9 Curriculum :

Year 10 and 11 Curriculum:

AQA Exam Board
Draft Specification

Please note this is still a draft specification.

AQA Exam Board
Last Specification

Please note this is a current specification.

 It must be noted that this subject is only available at Key Stage 4 and therefore there is no Key Stage 3 curriculum available.