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Mrs N Jones


Mrs N Jones


The Creative Arts Faculty at Our Lady’s R.C. High School strives to provide a high quality Arts education for all students through a specialist and combined curriculum. As Catholic educators we aim to use our beliefs and values to help nurture and develop students so that they enter the wider world as academically, morally and socially enriched young people. As well as solid qualifications, students will acquire an appreciation and affection for the Arts which will continue to enrich their lives. We believe that Creative Arts can develop students to become cooperative, responsible, independent and reflective individuals. Learning through the Arts at Our Lady’s will ultimately prepare them to make a positive contribution to wider society.We believe that every student has the potential to be brilliant. We believe individuality should be celebrated. We believe every student from these experiences will develop skills, knowledge and understanding through innovative, unique and an inspiring Arts curriculum in Music, Drama, Photography, Textiles and Art.

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’ – Albert Einstein


GCSE Photography at Key Stage 4 offers students the chance to explore digital lens based photography and digital manipulation techniques using a variety of software packages. Photography students will work to a brief, issue or concept demonstrating a personal response through images and in-depth annotation to reflect their knowledge and understanding of a variety to topics and themes.

In year 9 students will lay the foundations learning about the history of photography and how movements and practitioners inspired photography movements. At KS4 students will build upon their prior knowledge and become independent, confident individuals drawing upon artists and movements to support the development of their own work.

Year 9 Curriculum:

Year 9 focuses on developing skills within a breadth of study through the starting point of Viewpoints and 2 mini projects

Year 10 and 11 Curriculum:

All students produce 2 in depth projects covering all the assessment objectives and a final exam.

Year 10
- My project based on students chosen theme or from a choice of 3 other starting points
Year 11
- Mock exam
- Final examination paper with choice of question

GCSE Photography

It must be noted that this subject is only available at Key Stage 4 and therefore there is no Key Stage 3 curriculum available.

Knowledge Organisers

Year 8 Photomontage

Year 9 Elements of Photography

Year 9 Viewpoints

Year 10 Personal Project

Year 11 Mock Exams