The Scholar's Programme

Scholars Programme

The Scholar’s Programme

Striving for Excellence

At Our Lady’s RC High School we aim to have high expectations of all students, all of the time. By encouraging and supporting the learning of all students, the best practice for High Prior Attaining students (HPA) is the best practice for all students.

HPA students are defined as those students who either:

  • Scored significantly above average at KS2 (post 2017)
  • Scored a level 5b or above (pre 2017)

The best provision for our students is one that challenges them and extends their knowledge, skills and thinking, providing an environment in which all students are enabled to think deeply and engage with healthy struggle; learning should not be an ‘easy’ process. This in turn provides a stimulating learning environment and improved standards overall.

At Our Lady’s we believe that the abilities and talents of all students must be recognised and it is paramount that they are stretched, especially our HPA students. Offering opportunities for students to shine and develop a passion for learning in all areas is a vital part of our educational aim: where achieving high is an expectation.

All students at Our Lady’s are offered opportunities to strive for excellence both in and outside of lessons. This takes many forms, including higher level questioning, additional activities or an alternative approach within lessons. It is a hope that all students, but particularly our HPA students, will actively engage in such opportunities and take responsibility for extending their learning.

At Our Lady’s, The Scholars Programme focuses on developing the skills and aspirations of our students, challenging them to develop independence with their learning and build resilience when faced with difficulties. Students will be offered opportunities throughout their time at Our Lady’s to take part in challenges and activities where support will be offered, however, the main emphasis is on the fact that these additional opportunities require motivation, self-discipline and enthusiasm. All experiences aim to stretch, challenge, engage and motivate our students in a wide range of skills and subjects including giving them insights into University study.

Our Lady’s is privileged to be working in partnership with Greater Manchester Higher who facilitate numerous opportunities to enable our pupils to strive for excellence, in particular with igniting their passion for learning and supporting them with their journey into higher education. This support often takes the form of University events where our pupils are given the opportunity to visit prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge and are able to take part in taster days. The aim is to encourage student achievement by raising students’ awareness of University; allowing them to learn about the benefits of higher education whilst addressing any misconceptions students may have regarding any perceived barriers to entering University.

The overarching purpose of the Our Lady’s Scholars Programme is to raise the aspirations and motivation of students, whilst providing students with the skills to improve performance. It is to encourage the development of resilience and perseverance, independence and inspiration and ultimately a passion for learning that will spark the aspirations of our students in reaching their full potential.

For more information on challenges and activities available to your child please contact Mrs. S. Haniak.