Catholic Ethos

The Mission of our school is: To Know, Love and Serve God.


At Our Lady's R.C. High School we promote an ethos based on 5 fundamental areas of school life, we call them the 5 W's. They are:

WELCOME –As God’s children we welcome all groups in to our school. We endeavour for inclusion of all communities, ensuring that the pastoral care of staff and pupils show the values of the Gospel message of Love, respect and forgiveness.

WORD – Religious studies is the core of our school community and its beliefs and values permeate the life of the school. We want all of our staff and pupils to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Pupils and staff witness to the Word of God in action in the daily lives of each member of the community.

WITNESS –Our mission statement recognises every part of the school community, through policies, experiences in school and working together. We witness to the values of the Gospels such as compassion, justice, service and reconciliation in all aspects of school life, both in our Parish and community.

WELFARE – All staff and pupils are encouraged to “live life to the full” and walk together in our journey of faith with Christ. We want pupils and staff to work together, care, respect and accept all individuals in our school community and the society around us.

WORSHIP – Throughout the school year we worship together, as a community. We are given opportunities through prayer, reflection, liturgies and Mass to celebrate our community and its relationship with God. We plan worship to develop pupils and staff spiritual, moral, social and cultural ideals.