School Day

School LogoSday

Typical day:

The school day starts from 8.30am in the morning and ends at 3.00pm, detentions are also conducted at the end of the school day for half an hour or one hour. Other activities and clubs available after school for students, please visit our Extra Curricular section to find out more. Below is the day structure for all students across year groups. 

Start of School 8.30am
Form Time 8.40am
Period 1 9.00am
Period 2 10.00am
Break Time 11.00am-11.20am
Period 3 11.20am
Period 4 12.20pm
Lunch Time 1.20-2.00pm
Period 5 2.00pm
End of School 3.00pm

 In the event that the school has to close due to heavy snow or adverse weather conditions please refer to our snow/adverse weather procedure.