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Cashless Catering

Our Lady’s has a cashless catering system and we are sure that you and your children will greatly benefit from this. The cashless catering system eliminates the need for your child to bring any money to school to pay for breakfast or lunch. The system also gives you as parents greater control over what your child spends their dinner money on and enables you to obtain information about what your child has purchased through the cashless catering system. In addition, the system is linked to a web-based service called ParentPay which enhances the cashless system even further by providing parents with the opportunity to ‘top up’ the cashless catering account set up for your child either online or via paypoint locations in the local community. The ParentPay system can also be used for all other school payments such as trips and uniform.

Students purchase their food using a bio-metric scan of their finger and parents must sign the bio-metric consent letter for this to take place. If you have any questions regarding the cashless catering system or the ParentPay system, then please contact the main school office on 0161 507 9640.

Free School Meal Entitlement

In the current difficult economic climate, some parents might find themselves in financially hard times. In these circumstances, you need to access all help and support that is possible and available to you. One of those support mechanisms is the Free School Meal entitlement for students of families who meet the specified criteria for the Free School Meal application. It is vitally important that you apply online to the Local Authority if you think that you may be entitled. You can apply online here: Please contact the school main office should you need more information and clarification or if you are unable to access a computer and wish school to apply on your behalf.

Dining arrangements

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