Important Dates for Parents 2019/20

Please make a note of the Parent's Evening dates for the academic year. They provide an opportunity to meet with staff to discuss your child's progress.

Year 7 Meet and Greet (Key Staff) Thursday 3 October 2019 4pm-6pm
Year 11 Parents' Evening (I) Thursday 14 November 2019 4pm-7pm
Year 10 Parents' Evening Thursday 28 November 2019 4pm-7pm
Year 8 Parents' Evening  Thursday 30 January 2020 4pm-7pm
Year 11 Parents' Evening (II) Thursday 5 March 2020 4pm-7pm
Year 9 Parents' Evening  Thursday 19 March 2020 4pm-7pm
Year 7 Parents' Evening Thursday 30 April 2020 4pm-7pm

If you require any more information about any of these events please email Miss Woosey.