Year 7


Head of Year: Mr B. Mottershead

Vision for Year 7

My vision for the year group is a community of pupils that take pride in their place in Our Lady’s RC High. We aim to develop caring ambitious pupils who strive to achieve both individually and as a team. Parents, pupils and staff make the community of Our Lady's High School and we will work together to achieve the highest ambitions of each pupil.

Year 7 is a crucial year for pupils; this is where they lay down the initial relationships with staff and peers that enable them to achieve their targets. We have exceptionally high standards in attainment, presentation, punctuality and attendance at Our Lady's RC High School and this is reflected in our continually improving academic success. We expect all year 7 pupils to be punctual and work hard in lessons, maintain the school uniform policy and engage with all activities.

The whole of year 7 have been invited on a team building trip to Langdale in the Lake District where we will be developing communication skills and working relationships with each other. This trip is crucial in enhancing pupil’s talents inside and outside of the school room and gives them a taste of adventure.
Through the year there will also be competitions and events that bring the year together as a whole so they feel part of the year 7 community. These will include a Spelling Bee, inter-house sport competitions, Mathletics and Sports Day.

As part of this community feeling we have developed a new role for year 7: each form will have a captain who is responsible for leading the form and meeting to discuss any issues and improvements that can be made for the year group. They will also lead their form in each of the team events throughout the year. This representative will be elected each term through a class vote after the candidates have given their speeches. This is excellent experience of a voting system and an opportunity for pupils to make a positive contribution to the school.

We look forward to working with pupils and parents to achieve this vision, making sure that all the little bits of good add up to an overwhelming success at Our Ladys RC High School.

We look forward to working with parents to help your child fulfill their full potential. Please do not hesitate to contact school if you have any concerns.

Top 3 Priorities Year 7:

1. For each pupil and parent to feel integrated within the school community.
2. To target high academic and personal achievements for every pupil in the year using personal target setting and achievement folders to track progress.
3. Develop the role of the student in school to allow for enhanced ownership of their school experience through the creation of the Form Captain role.