Year 10


Head of Year: Mrs C Lancaster

Vision for Year 10

My vision for year ten is to ensure every pupil in the year group is fully equipped to take on their first GCSE exams later on in the year. I will offer support to provide them with the information and skills needed to benefit from their work experience placement, so they can gain as much knowledge and experience from their time away from school in March. By constantly reminding them of the importance of each and every subject I hope they’ll gain the progress 8 score they truly deserve. It is also my aim to keep providing them with positive thoughts and words through assemblies to help build their self-esteem and show them I believe in every single one of them; as a school we are here to help all the way through their journey. My vision is to show them the way of Jesus by ensuring all my own actions and words reflects this. I wish them all a very happy and positive year to come and I look forward to watching each and every one of them grown into wonderful individuals.

Top 3 Priorities Year 10:

1. For students to surpass their academic targets.
2. To maintain our excellent behaviour and continue to set high standards.
3. For students to enjoy school and promote the Catholic Ethos of Our Lady’s R. C. High School.

Inspirational Quote:

"The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." (Lao Tzu)