Year 8


Head of Year: Miss A Jacques

Vision for Year 8

My vision for the year group is a community of pupils that take pride in their place in Our Lady’s RC High School. We aim to develop caring ambitious pupils who strive to achieve both individually and as a team. Parents, pupils and staff make the community of Our Lady's High School and we will work together to achieve the highest ambitions of each pupil.

In year 8 our pupils are building on the working relationships they created last year and maturing their attitude and approach to work. This is a very important year where they will make decisions that can shape their future. By April, pupils will have made their option choices for the GCSEs they will study for the next three years. We will be supporting students and parents throughout this process so pupils make this decision with confidence.

We have exceptionally high standards in attainment, presentation, punctuality and attendance at Our Lady's RC High School and this is reflected in our continually improving academic success. We expect all year 8 pupils to be punctual and work hard in lessons, maintain the school uniform policy and engage with all activities.

We will be continuing with the form captain who is responsible for leading the form and meeting to discuss any issues and improvements that can be made for the year group. They will be in charge of creating the year newsletter each half term. They will write, design and edit the newsletter each term and deliver it to students to be enjoyed by their year group.

We look forward to working with pupils and parents to achieve this vision, making sure that all pupils are supported and confident in the steps they are taking towards their future.

Top 3 Priorities Year 8:

To support and guide pupils so are confident with the options they have for GCSE and BTEC subjects

To support pupils in reaching their target levels through personalised goal setting and mentoring programmes during form time.

To support pupils in reaching their target levels through attendance and punctuality initiatives, supporting and celebrating those pupils who achieve our high standards.

Inspirational Quote:

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today

H.Jackson Brown Jnr (author)

Option Process 

Our Lady's RC High School provides a broad and balanced curriculum which engages and challenges our students so that they achieve the best possible range of qualifications to enable their future aspirations to be fulfilled. The curriculum is designed to offer students a diverse and coherent choice of courses and learning experiences so that they develop skills and knowledge that remain with them long after examinations. This enables students to leave school as confident and independent life-long learners, equipped with the transferable skills needed to thrive in a changing world.

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