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School Bus Information

School Bus Services and Travel Advice: Manchester Schools 2020/21

Returning to School: Secondary Education Travel Information Pack

Tickets and Passes

Information about purchasing bus tickets can be found on the TFGM website page

Some important things to note:

  • Pupils must have a valid igo pass to travel at concessionary rates
  • Some operators are only accepting correct fares in cash and are unable to provide change – so please make sure if your child is paying cash then they have the exact fare.  School are also not able to provide change for school buses.  We would encourage all pupils to buy prepaid tickets or use contactless payments. 
  • A weekly school ticket is £7.60 and can be loaded onto a child’s igo card.  This only allows travel on the dedicated school bus.  If you want a weekly ticket that you can use on multiple bus operators and public bus services you need to purchase a System One Travel Card.  The weekly cost is £9.70 and can be used on any bus in Greater Manchester – 7 days a week.
  • Make sure you have a face mask to travel on public bus services as these are mandatory for anyone over the age of 11.  Further information about keeping safe on public transport is available at:


In line with government advice, we are encouraging students to walk or cycle to school where possible. If you are eligible for free bus travel, you can apply for a voucher towards buying a bicycle instead of the free bus pass. You can check if you are eligible to apply and find out more information at the link below.

IGO Pass

All pupils MUST have an igo pass to allow them to travel at a child rate on any of the bus services. 

Yellow Bus – Y9

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, TfGM won’t be issuing Yellow School Bus passes for the start of the new academic year in September.

Instead, all Yellow School Buses will operate as regular dedicated school buses, meaning no passes will be needed and any child can board any service. This will allow more students to use the buses at a time when the overall capacity on the network is still likely to be reduced.

Students will still need an igo card to pay concessionary fares.

The Yellow School Bus only has one route which is detailed in the map below. The timetable can be found below along with the other bus services.

TfGM Special School Services

There are two special school buses that run to and from the school. These are:

Stagecoach service 717 – Strangeways, Hightown, Cheetham Hill

Stagecoach service 718 – Moston Vale, Moston, White Moss

A full schedule of the stops and times of these buses is below.

You do not need to reserve a seat for your child on these services. Please see the section above about purchasing tickets.


TfGM Public Bus Services

There are also public bus services which run close by but not directly to the school which may be more appropriate for your child dependant on where you are travelling to. This includes:

Go-North West service 41 – Manchester, Cheetham Hill, Crumpsall, Alkrington, Middleton

Stagecoach service 56 – Manchester, Collyhurst, Lower Crumpsall

Stagecoach service 156 – Manchester, Collyhurst, Lower Crumpsall, Heaton Park, Rhodes, Middleton


Please note, these are public bus services and do not come to the school, your child will have to make their own way to and from the public bus stop.