Interview Techniques and Crime Scene Investigation

It’s all been happening here at Our Lady’s over the last week. From mock interviews to forensic science investigations, our students have certainly been put through their paces. As ever, they have risen to the challenge and developed fantastic new skills that will help them in life beyond high school.

Last Friday (25 November) our Year 11s arrived at school in smart interview attire ready for their mock interviews with local colleges and employers. The interviews were part of our special Careers Fair event which was also aimed at our Year 8s, 9s and 10s.

Mock Interview students 2

Local colleges and employers set up stalls in the school hall and were on hand to offer advice and raise awareness among our students of the importance of choosing the right academic or work-based destination once they leave us. KS3 students had to follow a careers trail to ensure they visited each potential employer/educator’s stall. This gave our students the chance to chat to representatives from the Army, Manchester College, Manchester Airport Group and the Co op Group, to name but a few. The Careers Fair provided an excellent opportunity to raise aspirations and increase the students’ appreciation that good grades achieved at school open up a greater selection of careers and post-sixteen routes.

Year 11 Mock Interview

Mock interviews for the Year 11s acclimatised the students as to what to expect in the interview room, how to dress professionally and how to sell their unique strengths and talents to would-be employers. The ‘interviews’ will open up further discussion about our students’ aspirations and the paths to follow in order to achieve their post-16 goals. They will also have the opportunity to discuss their CV and Progress file and will receive written feedback on their performance.

And if any of our students have considered a future career as a forensic scientist then they should definitely try out an SPI Club session. Mr Bell’s Year 7 form was lucky enough to get the opportunity to do just that on Tuesday morning. As a well-deserved treat for their huge contribution to Operation Christmas Child, the class put on their white lab coats and protective goggles to become Crime Scene Investigators for the morning.

DSC 0617

Guided by SPI Club leaders Emma McCarthy and Nicola Sharples, they were tasked with solving the case of the stolen bike. With three suspects in the frame - Mr Ormsby, Miss Allee and their own form tutor, Mr Bell - it was going to take some serious forensic science work to discover 'who done it'! This involved learning about the unique nature of fingerprints before putting the suspects' fingerprints under the microscope, examining footprints found at the crime scene and carrying out analysis on soil samples. A note found at the crime scene with the code to unlock the shed was also vital evidence so they had to use science to examine the ink sample.

DSC 0614

And the culprit? Well, despite protesting her innocence and claiming she'd never been to the storage shed (her fingerprints at the scene proved otherwise), a third of the class successfully deduced that Miss Allee was their thief, which came as a relief to Mr Bell who had spent the morning’s session under a cloud of suspicion!

Crime scene crop

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