Confidence in Poetry Workshop

Six Students from Our Lady’s Roman Catholic high school went on an incredible journey as they entered into the world of Poetry. All six boys used their creative, imaginary skills to develop exciting poems; some based on feelings of self-esteem and self-belief. They together zoned in on the importance of teamwork as they developed their characteristic techniques, whilst acting out their emotions in the fabulous world of Drama with Miss Short.IMG 9670

The Workshops – ‘Creative Confidence’ are a series of bespoke Performance Poetry Workshops aimed at children who lack self-confidence and have low self-esteem. They also focus on mental health issues, peer pressure and bullying. Throughout the workshops the students have developed the skills to express their emotions through poetry, focusing on turning any anxieties they may have whether at school or at home into something positive and productive. The series of workshops will allow the children to develop their poetry skills into the classroom looking at alliteration, similes, free verse, imagery, limericks whilst giving the children confidence to devise their own poetry building on their creative writing and extending their vocabulary.IMG 9671

Kitty Short, the workshop facilitator clearly and confidently expressed ideas to the students. She identified opportunities for expression and was proactive in putting ideas and solutions forward. Her positive, solution-focussed approach encourages an enjoyable and achievable learning process which engages the students and builds confidence.

IMG 9678

Mrs Newey our Pastoral Manager, organised the workshops. She said; “Kitty was simply amazing with a lovely warm and welcoming manner. She has a real rapport with the students and also has the ability to plan activities, carry them through effectively and adapt successfully as required. Kitty responds to changing situations and environments, investigating opportunities for challenge along the way. Implementing new strategies where deemed appropriate, Kitty was clearly passionate for the success and the wellbeing of the students involved. And most importantly they had fun! I would highly recommend Kitty to any school.”

Here One of the Poems the Students Created:Mental Health Poem Capture

Here’s what some of the students said about the wonderful workshops….

“I made new friends and learnt how unique, knowledgeable and funny we all were together.“

“I learnt about mental health and my emotions. I have built strong bonds and relationships with each person on the workshop. I have really enjoyed the time with my peers.“

“At the beginning I was scared and I never use to talk that much, but now I am confidant and so happy. “

“For the last four weeks I have learnt everyone’s personalities amongst the group and about our different emotions, what we liked, enjoyed and could be successful in.”

“I have learnt about myself and how not to be afraid to open up and express my emotions. I really enjoyed designing the poems collectively with the other students involved.“


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