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Politics and Presentation

Our partnerships with Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Enabling Enterprise have proved invaluable to our students over the last few years in terms of instilling important life skills such as presentation, team work and a strong work ethic.

This July some of our Year 9 students were lucky enough to visit Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s office in Manchester for a special Enterprise Day. They were selected as a result of their impressive performance at our Dragon’s Den competition which required them to research business ideas and then pitch to a team of ‘Dragons’ and an audience made up of their peers.

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As part of the training at the PwC offices, the students discussed the process of recruitment and were given tips on ways to present their findings confidently to the room to enable them to deliver the ‘perfect pitches.”

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Mr Bell who accompanied the students said: “The fun and informative activities really engaged every child and gave them the whole group a real insight into working life.”

The day at PwC was followed up in school this week with another Enterprise Day. The year 9 students took part in ‘A Day in Politics’, creating their own Political Party, designing slogans, logos, rosettes and headline policies, with party names like the Opportunity Creators, Purity Party, Economy Land, The Goal and Wood St Democrats.

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Enabling Enterprise staff Claire, Kathryn and Mike led the sessions. The feedback from students was fabulous!

Claire’s feedback was also very positive; “the students all engaged with the enterprise challenge with a positive, inquisitive attitude. They were a credit to Our Lady’s. Patrycja Wierkin stood out; she did particularly well, standing in front of class and holding her audience with a well prepared, confident speech. Patrycja was physically shaking for a good ten minutes after the lesson! She did well!”

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What the students said:

“I’ve learnt a lot and it was really fun although it was terrifying for me to stand in front of everyone.”
Patrycja Wierkin

“This programme was fantastic! As someone who isn’t as confident at integrating with people, particularly in groups, I really felt part of my group. This programme confirmed my friendship with some and reinforced my self-identity.”
Angela Agbaji

“I was offered insightful knowledge into the world of politics, a topic I found hard to understand before. I learnt the necessities and qualifications needed to pursue politics, how I should conduct myself and my mannerisms around people. The programme has made politics a path I might pursue.”
Faith Agbaji

“I worked with people I’ve never worked with. All I knew about politics was ‘who was who’. Now I know about the skills and what it takes to stand on stage, to achieve your goals. We came second! ‘Just do it’ was our slogan.”
Leon Scotti

“It revealed the depth and sacrifice that politicians go through in order to make this a brighter nation. I interacted with people that I usually don’t. This gave me an insight and fresh perspective.”
Victoria Adeleke


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