FSM Application Guide

You can find a guide to help with applying for Free School Meal funding here.

Free School Meal Information

Families with pupils who are eligible for free school meals are able to claim support whilst school is closed.

Arrangements up to the 19th April 2020
Manchester City Council have put in place temporary arrangements up to 19th April 2020 to provide funding for pupils who are eligible for free school meals. This financial support can be accessed using the following link
There is a user guide at the link above which will show step by step how to access the support and more information about the support that is available and how this will be paid.

Arrangements from 20th April 2020
The Government has launched a national programme of support which will be up and running from 20th April 2020. School will be sending out more information to families in due course about how to access this.
This support will be in the form of vouchers for supermarkets.

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