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Preparing to Put in a Star Performance

From Wednesday 1 February to Friday 3 February Our Lady’s is staging a spectacular performance of Les Miserables. In preparation for their parts in the world’s longest-running musical some of our students had the opportunity to visit the Queen’s Theatre in London over the Christmas break to watch the social and political struggles of nineteenth century France unfold in Cameron Macintosh’s legendary production based on the 1862 novel of the same name. The show certainly left a lasting impression…


Review written by Sean Baker: “Les Misersables is a gripping, captivating tale that has spanned over 30 years, touching the hearts and minds of the public. The story starts in 1832 with convict Valjean, having served 19 years as a slave being given parole by Inspector Javert, a long enemy, who tries to hunt Valjean down through the years, to keep his oath to God. Although he wants to return to prison and keep his work, he has promised to take on the child of his former employee.

From the moment the orchestra began to play, the room instantly fell silent and was drawn in by the breath-taking voices of the cast, music that was played beautifully by the orchestra, costumes and the stunning set. At the end of the show the cast received a rapturous applause and deservingly so for the sheer hard work. It’s no wonder the show has lasted this long. I can’t wait for my next visit to the Queens Theatre.”


Review written by Leighton Currie-Clarke: “Les Miserables is a gripping tale of the French revolution and one man’s struggle for freedom. Jean Val Jean a slave of the law has a chance of redemption and solitude but will Inspector Javert hinder this? 19 years a slave is just the start of an emotional rollercoaster which will be bound to leave the audience in showers of tears. A five star performance from Paul Wilkins as Marius set the tone for an extraordinary show which demanded attention and sparked brilliance. For a newcomer experiencing theatre for the first time it was an amazing experience which I will relive in my head, constantly hoping to match the brilliance of Mr Wilkins. The musical number Lovely Ladies had people dying of laughter and as a young adult the humour in the show was of an extended level where even though tragic events happen in the play the light-hearted moments which remain are ones to cherish. If I had the opportunity to watch it again it’s a yeah from me. It is a memory that doesn’t die when you leave the theatre but lives on in your wildest dreams.”


Review written by Maria Collins: “A show that is 30 years young shows no sign of slowing down. Set in 1832 a gripping, heart wrenching story of a convict, Jean Valjean, escaping slavery after 19 years, he is granted parole, and finds retribution through the church, and improves his life by becoming Mayor in his town. Even on a Wednesday matinee, the show received unadulterated concentration from a full house, a theatre full of tears, sobs and adoration for the tragic proceedings happening before our very eyes. I can truly say it was an honour being a part of that audience, experiencing the tragedy in my own little world; each scene birthed a new emotion, fashioning the love for the show I never knew I had.”


Tickets for Our Lady's production of Les Miserables are now on sale.


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