Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Campaign Plans for January


Some of our year 10 students recently attended anti-bullying training at All Saints Catholic College in Tameside.

The current focus is to earn Anti-Bullying Ambassador badges and work towards a Diana Award.
We are the living legacy to Princess Diana’s belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better.

Join us in inspiring positive change in the lives of vulnerable young people through the power of mentoring, stand up to bullying as an Anti-Bullying Ambassador or say thank you to a young person following in Princess Diana’s footsteps with the Diana Award.

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January Goals

How many of you have got a new gadget for Christmas? Think about new technology and what new safety information young people need to know!

New Year's Resolutions

Intervention means Prevention!

Encourage others to make New Year’s resolutions and think about how they will help prevent bullying behaviour. You could make a whole class resolution!

Team-Building Games

Team building games

Get to know your anti-bulling ambassador team better or other students at school by playing a variety of team building games in form.

Happy Playlist

Make a playlist of songs that make people smile and stop those January blues... Guess student / teachers favourite song in form.

It's cool to Be Kind

Working in groups split a large piece of paper in half. On one half write all of the actions and words that make you feel upset or sad such as being left out and in the other half write all of the actions that make you feel good about yourself. Display the piece of paper in a central location so that all students understand the types of behaviour that make people feel happy and unhappy.

Anti-Bullying Box

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassador team will create a post box so that young people can report any incidents of bullying.

Cyber Safety  stay smart online

Lots of people will have been given presents over Christmas which allow them to access the Internet Make sure students stay safe. ABA will deliver assembly to all year groups.

Anti-Bullying Quiz


Do a quiz to find out who the anti-bullying pros are in our school! Do they know the different types of bullying, how many people get bullied each year and what they can do if they have a problem online?

Work With a Local Primary School – Early Intervention

Exploring community matters, our ambassadors will be visiting our local primary schools to introduce their role and their campaign.


My true selfie

Share positive content online by taking #MYTRUE SELFIE
On a piece of paper draw the outline of your head and shoulders. Then write things around the outline of your head and shoulders which best describe you e.g.: a good swimmer. Then put your head back into the piece of paper and take a positive selfie

For more information on our anti-bullying campaign, please contact our ABA Lead ambassador, Mrs Newey


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