Our Lady’s Dance Festival

If success is measured by ‘Enjoyment …. Effort … Energy’ then last week’s Our Lady’s Dance Festival was definitely a great success.

The primary schools that came along to showcase their pupils’ talents were E-ACT Academy, Charlestown Primary, Cravenwood Primary Academy and Holy Trinity. Sarah Aldcroft and the Our Lady’s Dance Leaders managed the festival superbly well with lots of appreciative chants of “we are proud of you …” for all of the 150 dancers taking part.


Congratulations to Our Lady’s Lil Bombs, Dynamite and Stars who put on a real show of talent as they demonstrated their new dances as they prepare for the 2017 National Championships.


Joe and Kyle, Our Lady’s ex-students, put in a surprise visit (both have scholarships at the Midland Academy of Dance and Drama) and wanted to wish all the Our Lady’s staff a ‘Merry Christmas’. Joe and Kyle are evidence of the Performing Arts team’s expertise and impact, giving our students the passion and determination to follow their dreams!


This glowing feedback is testament to Sarah’s work and success with our primary partners:

“What a great healthy event. Charlestown is a really active school and has encouraged my daughter to dance – she wants to be a dancer when she grows up!”
Kylie, parent at Charlestown Primary School.

“We’d love to have done this when we were at school! They get up early extra on a Thursday for the 8 o’clock dance club.”
Jade and Lyndsey, parents at Charlestown.

“She’s been dancing with Sarah for three years. It’s her fifth festival! She’s really active with the school with running, gymnastics and other teams. She loves it.”
Robert, parent at Charlestown.

“There is always a really good turnout at our lunchtime dance club. It has a waiting list! Children’s confidence has grown, especially with the Year 2 dancers. The Year 1s can’t wait until they dance next year. We wish we could have a dance club for every year. They idolise Sarah! Pharrell and Lauren were at E-ACT Academy last year and joined Our Lady’s this year so they could dance. ”
Mrs White, teacher at E-ACT Academy, Blackley

“This is an awesome event. It gives the kids that aren’t involved in sport a platform to develop their confidence.”
Mr O’Leary, teacher at Holy Trinity Primary School.

Every lunchtime the children organise their own dancing in the playground! Ashley, our dance coach comes in once a week. Our dancers planned and choreographed their own dance for today. They’ve been looking forward to it. They’ve approached it with a great attitude.”
Miss Turner, teacher at Cravenwood Primary School.

“I loved the dancing today. It was really fast. It made me want to do more. I won a silver medal!”
Boluwatife, EA Extreme, student and dancer.



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