UPDATE: 'MOMO' Challenge Proves to be 'Fake News'

MOMO Online Safety Guide for Parents

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You may have been made aware recently of an extremely disturbing and dangerous game alledgedly being used by hackers to harvest information from children on WhatsApp, other social media platforms and gaming devices. This dangerous ‘suicide game’ known as ‘Momo’ features a creepy Momo doll with bulging eyes who bombards children with messages encouraging them to harm themselves. Charities say there have been no reports of any serious problems and say the whole thing is nothing to worry about, but is 'fake news' that has led to some unscrupulous people using the image where they shouldn't

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It is important that we open up conversations with our children and ensure their online safety at all times. Please refer to the MOMO ONLINE SAFETY GUIDE FOR PARENTS which offers advice on steps to take to ensure online safety and how to discuss this with your children.

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