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Paris 3

Some of the current year 8s and 9s have been on a trip to Paris over the holiday and this trip was amazing! We all have made new friends or strengthened previous friendships and were all enlightened by the amazing city of Paris. Over the five days (travel included) we all participated in a plethora of activities from visiting the iconic Eiffel Tower to the River Cruise to a whole day in Disneyland Paris and much more!

We all stayed the four nights at the B&B Hotel in Paris and here are quick summaries and shortened anecdotes from the trip:

Day 1: At around 4am the students were all on the coach surprisingly energetic (except for the few that dozed off) and we set of around 4.45am. After a long trip we were in Paris around 9.30pm (8.30pm GMT) and we all tucked into a nice meal at the hotel before we went and settled into our rooms and rested the night after the tiring journey.

Day 2: This was one tiring day! We started it off with a traditional French breakfast (fresh croissants) and after that got on the coach and left for a long 12-hour day. During this day we witnessed L'Arc De Triumph, went inside and explored the Notre Dame and went to the highest viewing point in Paris in the fastest elevator in the world; 55 floors in 38 seconds (I'll leave it for you to calculate the maths). Meanwhile at the Notre Dame each group participated in a funny photo competition in which the aim was to take the funniest and stupidest picture possible. Miss O'Boyle's group won, and their final picture was the students with pigeons on their heads and arms near the Notre Dame and the expressions are unforgettable! After the long day everyone returned to the hotel knackered. There was another adventure filled day to come.

Day 3: On this day the students and teachers went to a museum which explored a wide array of subjects, from science of the temperature in the human body to oversized and invisible instruments to the reality and scientific take of our favourite fairy tales. We all split off and explored the museum participating in different activities offered there such as: attempting to play the instruments, controlling a massive reconstruction of a puppet (Pinochio), exploring how vibrations force objects to move to name just a few. Also on this day we visited the iconic Eiffel Tower and enjoyed some time at the site. The warm weather kept up company throughout the duration if the trip until the last day…

Day 4: This day was probably everyone's favourite day - Disneyland Paris. It was an amazing experience that allowed us all to be five-year olds again (including the teachers) that we have deep down and enjoy a full day in a world of fantasy. We all arrived an hour prior to the public so on entry to the park we all dashed to different rides and enjoyed our one-hour advantage. Besides that, the lines weren't too bad and the sunny weather accompanied us on our day. After a long and fun day of rides and enjoying the flamboyant parades, the evening was hit with a horrific storm. Students and teachers were scattered across the two parks stuck at certain locations as advised by the security to avoid being hit by lightning due to the park being heavily reliant on metallic structures. After team work we all came together, soaking from the rain, and headed back to the hotel to pack to go back to England.

Day 5: We all left at 9am and waved the hotel one last goodbye as we shed a tear. It was a long-delayed trip due to the traffic however we all got home safe and sound and slept like babies for the rest of the night. The trip was an unforgettable eye-opening experience which I would love to repeat. Anyone for a trip?

An upcoming event for the diary is the 5th July. We are hostingour school open evening event in which parents and future students can come and visit our school and explore the different departments at leisure. We are looking forward to meeting you all!

The exams are coming up really soon for the year 9s and 10s. Over the next couple of weeks, we wish them the best of luck and let's hope that everyone achieves beyond their target grade!

And lastly Blackpool will be taking place soon as an award trip for the pupils who have worked their socks off this year! We can't wait for all of the rewards and freedom after the exams!

Thank you so much for your time and we wish you all the best this June.
The Student Blog Administration Team.


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