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SB Welcome BackHey There!

Its Charlie O’Brien back again this academic year who will bring you regular blogs about the school life throughout the year. As a representative for the school body/life in partnership I take on the following roles throughout the school; Student Council, Chaplaincy Leaders & Transition Leaders. And now I come to you as the ‘Student Blogger’ once again – to bring you regular blogs about the school life throughout the year. Now working together to introduce new projects to take part in the future.

I would firstly like to welcome all staff, parents and student back in to a new academic year and most importantly year 7 in to the school community. This academic year will hold many new opportunities for all year groups and give them the chance to get involved in some fun stuff. To welcome students back Mr Ormsby the head teacher has led assemblies for all year groups, along with head of years & the chaplaincy team.

So far this year…

  • We have participated in a coffee morning supporting Macmillan where cakes were baked by staff, parents and students and then sold during break time. Parents were also invited to join us during this time.
  • Year 7 went to Langdale for a few days bonding with their peers taking part in a range of team-building activities.
  •  Our year 11s went to New York! And they have had lots of fun visiting Times Square and having a meal at the Hard Rock Café, going to a traditional diner then going on the subway to get the ferry to Liberty Island to walk around and see the world-famous Statue of Liberty and visiting the 911 memorial gardens and museum. What an amazing experience this was and these are just a few examples of the things they did.

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Welcome Back.

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