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Our Lady’s R.C. High School

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On Site Alternative Provision

On Site Alternative Provision (OSAP) Leader:

Mr K Vincent



Mrs J Gibbons

Mr A Jones


Vision for OSAP:

Our on-site alternative provision supports students that work more effectively in a smaller, more dedicated setting. The provision is specifically tailored to support students that require more focused intervention ranging from behavioural to friendship related issues. OSAP has its own dedicated building situated on the school grounds. Primarily, OSAP is in place to offer a point of support with the aim of reintegrating students back in to the main body of school when suitable to do so.


Students receive teaching from the main body of teaching staff ensuring they still receive a broad, engaging and exciting curriculum. In addition to this, students will also receive broader support to ensure they are equipped with skills that are required in the real working world. We aim to ensure students leave with a suite of GCSE qualifications that enable them to access future learning confidently and successfully.


Key Aims:

• To ensure the Our Lady’s mission statement, “To Know, Love and Serve God” is placed at the heart of all learning and teaching.
• To ensure quality teaching and learning is delivered to maximise progress, attainment and outcomes.
• To meet the educational needs of learners disaffected through behaviour.
• To reduce the need for offsite provision.
• To raise aspirations of students who are educated within the facility
• To secure quality pastoral support to meet the needs of the most vulnerable.
• To reduce the risk of students not accessing future education, employment or training.


Key Priorities:

1. To provide an inclusive learning environment to all students accessing the provision whereby they are inspired to reengage in education therefore leading to reintegration in to the main body of school

2. Offering of a broad and varied curriculum to optimise and maximise outcomes for students.
3. Provide additional curricular opportunities to further build on the intrinsic qualities of each student


If you require any further information regarding OSAP please contact Mr Vincent: