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To ensure pupils are the best that they can be and using homework as a tool to support this.



To provide purposeful and regular homework which enhance the pupils’ learning in school.



Year 7 Time Allocation 30 mins-1 hour per evening
Year 8 Time Allocation 30 mins-1 hour per evening
Year 9 Time Allocation 1 hour per evening
Year 10 & 11 Time Allocation 1-2 hours per evening



Role of Parents in Homework:

Parents can support their child by regularly logging onto Kanexion . Kanexion allows parents to check what homework has been set and when it is due to be handed in. It also allows parents to check whether homework has been completed.


If you have any issues regarding homework, you can message teachers through Kanexion and if this is not satisfactory contact Mrs Haniak or Miss Woosey by phone or email. We also have a Kanexion Guide that will support you in navigating around the system: 

Guide to Accessing Google Classroom

You can also support your child’s learning by ensuring that they read regularly and their maths learning can be supported through MathsWatch.

Tips for Parents:

1. Try to ensure pupils have the correct equipment to allow them to complete their homework to the best of their ability

- Pen
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Pencil crayons
- Rubber
- Sharpener
- Compass
- Calculator
- Dictionary


2. If purchasing this equipment is an issue please contact the school.
3. Ensure your child has a school bag big enough to carry A4 books and a PE kit.
4. Try to encourage your child to “back” their books. This can be done using magazines/wallpaper to avoid the books getting “scrappy” when they are taken home.
5. Ensure your child has a quiet place to work for 30 minutes-1 hour a night undisturbed. This space is available at school.
6. Try to encourage pupils not to leave homework until the last minute (through tracking on “kanexion”).
7. Always ask why homework has not been completed and take actions to ensure this does not happen regularly.
8. Try to be involved in your child’s homework and ask them questions about it.
9. Look through your child’s book to see what learning is happening.
10.If there is a valid reason as to why your child has not completed homework please send in a note.

If you have any concerns/need support don’t hesitate to contact teaching staff, we are here to help.