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Year 10

Head of Year: Miss L. Winter


Vision for Year 10

Returning in September (after what has been an unusual and difficult year for some students) our main focus in the first term will be based around students’ wellbeing and enabling them to fully access the recovery curriculum in all subjects. My aim for this year is to instil confidence, to build students’ self-esteem and encourage independent learning skills to ensure that all students are able to reach or excel their academic targets in all of their subjects; enabling students to achieve the progress 8 score that they deserve at the end of year 11. Throughout the year I will provide students with the information and skills needed to benefit from their work experience placement. Students will be offered career guidance to help them to start thinking about their possible post 16 routes and courses available to them in college.


My vision is to encourage each student to develop into responsible, caring and happy adults. The aim of education at Our Lady’s is more than simply academic results, it is creating the well-rounded adults of the future.


Top 3 Priorities for Year 10:

  1. To ensure the wellbeing of students and to help every student access the recovery curriculum.
  2. To encourage independent learning skills to enable to students to thrive academically.
  3. To offer students information to help students make informed decisions about their post 16 options.


Miss Winter’s Favourite Quote:

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best you are capable of becoming”