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Year 8

Head of Year: Mr B. Mottershead


Vision for Year 8

My vision for the year group this academic year is to develop students’ more holistically with enquiring and open minds. Utilise their recent experiences and allow for growth, opportunity and ownership of their own education through a clear and precise options process. We aim to develop caring ambitious pupils who strive to achieve both individually and as a team. Parents, pupils and staff make the community of Our Lady's High School and we will work together to achieve the highest ambitions of each pupil and help them on the correct path to their future, as they begin to select subjects they want to develop either further in.

Year 8 is a crucial year for pupils; this is where they use their foundations from year 7 to now cement their educational path or the next 4 years at school and beyond. We have exceptionally high standards in attainment, presentation, punctuality and attendance at Our Lady's RC High School and this is reflected in our continually improving academic success. I continue to expect all pupils to be punctual and work hard in lessons, maintain the school uniform policy and engage with all activities.

Throughout the year there will activities, enrichments and competitions that bring the year together as a whole so they feel even more part of the Our Lady's community. These will include a Spelling Bee, inter-house sport competitions, school productions, trips, Sports Day and many more. I would love to see all pupils engage in extracurricular activity to help make their time at school the best experience possible.


We look forward to working with pupils and parents to achieve this vision, making sure that all the little bits of good add up to an overwhelming success at Our Lady's RC High School.

We look forward to working with parents to help your child fulfil their full potential. Please do not hesitate to contact school if you have any concerns.


Top 3 Priorities for Year 8:

1. To support and guide pupils so are confident with the options they have for GCSE and BTEC subjects alike

2. To support pupils in reaching their target levels through personalised goal setting and mentoring programmes during form time, close the gap between higher and lower prior attaining students.

3. To support pupils in reaching their target levels through attendance and punctuality initiatives, supporting and celebrating those pupils who achieve our high standards.

Making every pupil feel welcomed and loved each day they enter the school building


Mr Mottershead's Favourite Quote:

"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching"