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At Key Stage 3, our students develop their mathematical skills covering the topics of number, calculations, fractions, 2D geometry, algebra, proportion, 3D geometry and statistics. At Key Stage 4, students prepare for the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics exam. Higher attaining students may also take a qualification in OCR’s Additional Mathematics, giving them experience of A level work.


Staff seek to inspire and motivate their students and the subject is presented in a wide variety of ways including those using technology such as chromebooks and interactive whiteboards. We look for opportunities to extend our higher attaining students and arrange various activities including entry into UK Maths Challenge competitions.

Mathematics is a subject where many of our students go on to study at A level and then University.

Downloads to help with classwork, extended work or coursework, can be found on and


Mr Bell is Head of Mathematics, Mrs Halkon is Deputy Head of Mathematics.


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Faculty Leader:

Mr C Bell



Miss B Brophy
Mr L Daniel
Mr C Evans
Mrs L Halkon
Mrs S Haniak
Miss A Higton
Miss A Jacques
Mr L Ormsby
Mr K Vincent



5 Year Curriculum:

We run a ‘stage not age’ curriculum which ensures that pupils, regardless of what year group they are in, are working at the highest level that they are capable of. Their journey through Our Lady’s will see them climb steadily through the skills tests where, as they master each assessment, they will climb as high as they can. These skills will also be applied to problem solving and reasoning activities throughout their years to not only create excellent mathematicians but prepare them for their GCSE. It is important that all our pupils are able to master the objectives at each assessment level before moving to the next one; this gives them a strong foundation not only for their GCSE but looking to their future in further education or the workplace.


Their GCSE currently consists of 3 exam papers; one non-calculator and two calculator papers. Each exam is 90 minutes long and contributes equally to their overall grade.

To support year 7 in their transition to secondary school, we run a numeracy intervention session every morning during form time. There, they are helped to hone their numerical skills with a teacher in a smaller group


We further support all our students through the use of MathsWatch. This excellent website is an ‘at home tutor’ for students who can use it to not only support their learning but to extend them through the curriculum at their own pace:

Below is also a list of the different strands of study in the 5 year curriculum specific to target grades with the corresponding MathsWatch clip numbers, here you can locate the relevant clip that may be used for revision or to develop any areas of development.