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Computer Science is a subject that involves the application of practical problem solving, mathematical computational thinking and theoretical understanding.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum enables pupils to become responsible users of the Internet and responsible members of society by understanding how to stay safe online. Pupils develop their practical programming and mathematics in computing.


Key Stage 4 builds upon strengthening their practical programming skills and students also learn the fundamentals of Cyber Security, and Computer Networks becoming familiar with network types, topologies and protocols.


Students will also learn to understand the inner workings of a computer systems including its architecture, the classification of hardware and software and memory and storage.

Students will demonstrate their computer science capability by applying analytical, problem-solving and computational thinking skills as they complete the 20 hour timed Non-exam Assessment (NEA) under controlled assessment conditions.


This programme of study allows students the opportunity to study aspects of information technology and computer science at greater depth to allow them to progress into further levels of study or to a professional career.


Miss Khan is Head of Computer Science and ICT.


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Computer Science Curriculum Maps

Faculty Leader:

Miss F Khan



Ms M Crossman
Miss F Khan
Miss H Woosey