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Year 7

Head of Year: Miss E. Watkins


Vision for Year 7:

At Our Lady’s we want to develop happy, compassionate and fulfilled pupils and year 7 is the first step on this journey. In this year, we begin to foster relationships with staff and peers and start learning the structures and routines that will help us to be successful during our academic careers. We, as a community, embrace and support all the diversity within our school and practise certain skills regularly to help us become the best we can be. This year it is going to be crucial that we get to grips with 6, none negotiable, areas and practise perfecting these every day. These 6 areas are:


1. Kindness

It is really important that, as a Catholic school, everybody in our year group is helping to create a supportive and loving environment. In our year we look out for each other and are a positive example to the other year groups.

2. Attendance

In order to be truly successful at school we need you to be in every day that we are open. There are lots of wonderful opportunities to grow and experience new things and in order to excel academically, you should aim for 100% attendance over the school year.

3. Punctuality

Being on time. This is crucial for any successful Our Lady’s pupil. You are responsible for getting in and to your lessons on time. Remember, if your train leaves at 08:00 and you turn up at 08:01- you have missed it!

4. Uniform

At Our Lady’s we are proud to be part of such a well-respected community and we show our pride through our uniform. Make sure you turn up every day, in correct uniform and wear your badge with pride. You are a representative of the school and should leave positive impressions with everyone that you meet.

5. Equipment

You cannot do any job without the essential tools and your school equipment helps you get your job here at school done. Make sure you have everything you need every day and spares in case anything happens. 3 pens should be your minimum and a reading book is essential.

6. Homework

Homework is an extension of school work and is not optional. Complete homework on time and to the best of your ability just as you would in lesson.


Alongside the school day, our clubs and extra-curriculum activities help our pupils to interact socially and develop outside of the classroom. There are many opportunities including trips away, sporting activities, competitions and subject specific as well as hobby groups to get involved in and we encourage all of our year 7s to join something to help them discover new talents and interests.


We look forward to working with pupils and parents to ensure our new year group is the best that we have ever had at Our Lady’s RC High School but also that they are settled and happy from day one. Please do not hesitate to contact school if you have any concerns and we cannot wait to see all of the wonderful things that you will all achieve under our guidance.


Top Priorities for Year 7

  1. For each pupil and parent to feel integrated within the school community.
  2. To develop the six key skills that we need to be successful pupils at Our Lady’s.
  3. To embrace a fresh new start, full of opportunity and see just how brilliant we can be.


Miss Watkins’ Favourite Quote:

“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while” - Gretchen Rubin