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Lost Property

Your things miss you too!

You may be surprised by the amount of lost property we acquire at school which we are unable to return because it isn’t labelled. We appreciate how expensive it is to replace missing school uniform, bags coats and equipment so please follow our lost property procedure to claim any unnamed property. We have created a storeroom where items are organised into sportswear, bags and coats and jumpers. It is hoped this will make it easier to get lost property back to its owner.


Students are responsible for ensuring that they keep their property safe; Our Lady’s school does not accept responsiblity for any items lost by a student, but we will do our utmost to reunite items with their owners. However, there’s a limit to the capacity we can store so we do have to have a clear out. At the end of each full term, the contents will be emptied and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.



Three Lost and Found Tips

1. Ensure all items of uniform, coats bags and equipment are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

2. If your child loses anything during the school day, encourage them to ask at the school office or reception so that we can check the lost property store for the item.

3. During the last week of each school term please feel free to call in to check the lost property store which will hopefully reunite owners with sometimes expensive mislaid items (certain proof of ownership will be required).

Benefits of our Lost Property System

  • It helps consolidate property to one source for students and others to check
  • Improves school fire and risk management
  • Our Lady’s can re-cycle property for students and families in need
  • It helps de-clutter classrooms and offices


If your child has lost anything and you would like us to check the lost property store on your behalf, please contact reception on 0161 507 9640.