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At Our Lady's R.C. High School we aim to offer a broad curriculum to suit the needs of all of our pupils. Please browse through the curriculum of our different subject, however if you can not find the information you are looking for below is a list of contacts for the Faculty Leaders of all subjects, please do not hesitate to contact staff, we are here as a supportive body to the entire Our Lady's R.C. High School community. 


English Miss J Jones
Maths Mr C Bell
Science Mrs J Wildbure
Religious Education Mrs A Moore

Physical Education

Mr B Burke
Expressive Arts Mr T Banham
Computer Science and ICT   Miss F Khan
Geography Mrs A Murden
History Miss R Warwick
Languages Miss L Beard
Technology Mrs T Burke
PSHCE Mrs S Riaz



If you would like to discuss any issues directly with a Head of Year their contact details are also listed below:


Head of Year 7 Miss E Watkins
Head of Year 8 Mr B Mottershead
Head of Year 9 Miss A Jacques
Head of Year 10 Miss L Winter
Head of Year 11 Mrs C Lancaster
Lead for Key Stage 3    Mrs S Haniak
Lead for Key Stage 4 Miss H Woosey