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Our Lady’s is committed to developing future professionals equipped to succeed in a working environment. The vast majority of businesses, both in the private and state sector, require their employees to conform to a dress code. With this in mind, the school has a duty of care to support students in developing working habits through the implementation of an appropriate set of uniform guidelines.



Core Uniform

  • White school shirt with collar (tucked in)
  • Full length school tie (logo visible)
  • Full length black trousers/Pleated black skirt (knee length)
  • School badged blazer
  • Black tights/Crew length socks
  • All black leather shoes
  • Black school badged jumper (optional)
  • Doubled strapped school bag

PE Uniform

  • School badged black shorts
  • School badged black polo shirt
  • Trainers
  • Black football socks
  • Gum shield (contact sports)
  • School badged black hoodie (optional)

Additional Items (Allowed)

  • Plain studded earrings
  • Plain black headband/bobbles
  • Make up – minimal
  • Nail varnish – neutral colour

Additional Items (Prohibited)

  • Fitted shirts
  • Skinny trousers/non-pleated skirts
  • Leggings
  • Socks over tights
  • Knee high socks
  • Heeled/above ankle shoes
  • Coloured head bands/bobbles
  • Bandanas/hair styling caps
  • Piercings – nose, tongue, lips
  • Rings, bracelets, necklaces
  • Hats, caps, sunglasses
  • Non-natural hair colourings
  • Shaved hair/eyebrow patterns
  • Man bags
  • False nails/eyelashes
  • Extensive make up

Footwear Examples

All uniform decisions are final. If students do not conform to the guidelines stated they will be asked to rectify the discrepancy immediately. School may offer to lend uniform with a sanction. Failure to adhere to any changes will results in an internal or external exclusion.



Students are expected to come to school prepared. Students must have the basic essentials listed below. We would advise students to also have any additional stationery that will further enhance their note taking and retention.

Core Equipment

·         2 pens

·         Pencil

·         Ruler

·         Scientific calculator

·         Reading book

·         Rubber

·         Sharpener

·         Additional notebook

·         Pencil case


School lockers are available for students to store any additional items. These can be purchased from Mrs Sharkey.


Purchasing Uniform

School uniform can be purchased all year round from school. For any enquiries, please ask to speak to Mrs Sharkey. Uniform can be paid for in cash or via ParentPay.  

Price List

Blazers - up to 36" £26, 38" and above £28

Jumper - 28" - 36" £16, 38" and above £18

Polo top - £8

Shorts - £8

Tie - £5

PE hoodie - £13