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Attendance at a glance:

Every child at Our Lady’s RC High School matters. There are clear links between regular attendance and educational outcomes for students. The most important factor in helping your child achieve their best is 100% attendance. Students who attend school more achieve better qualifications. Research has shown that students who are not in school are most vulnerable. Research also shows that less than 40% of students in secondary school with an average of 17 days or more absence get 5 good GCSE’s (grades 9-4) compared to more than 90% in schools with an average of less than 8 days absence. Many parents are surprised how quickly their children accumulate 15 days of absence. Every lesson in school matters and children who have time off find it difficult to catch up.


Did you know?

For every day of school missed by a student their attendance drops by 0.5%.
95% attendance may sound good however:
95% = Ten whole days of school have been missed.
90% = Twenty whole days of school have been missed. Your child is now a Persistent Absentee (PA)
85% = Thirty whole days of school have been missed.


What the law says:

By law all children of compulsory school age must get a suitable full time education. Parents are responsible for ensuring this happens by registering your child at a school. Once your child is registered at a school you are then responsible for making sure your child attends regularly. If your child fails to attend regularly the Local Authority (LA) may take legal action against you.

All schools have to follow very strict regulations about attendance. Every absence has to be recorded and reported to the LA. Therefore, it is imperative that parents and school work together to support your child. Please notify us soon as possible if you know your child will be absent from school.



This will be unavoidable and understandable at some time in your child’s education. However, you should remember that schools have a right to challenge parents as to whether their child is genuinely ill. It is school who decides to authorise an absence not parents. If there are concerns regarding a student’s attendance absences will only be authorised if medical evidence is provided. We as a school want to work with parents to make sure that your child doesn’t miss out on their education, so that they achieve the best possible outcomes.


Medical appointments:

Every effort must be made to arrange medical appointments outside of the school day if possible. If you need your child to attend a medical appointment within the school day, he/she must bring the appointment card to student services or the attendance office in advance of the appointment. Medical appointments will only be authorised if we receive a copy of the appointment letter/card. Students are expected to attend school before or after the appointment, depending on the time of the appointment. Missing lessons will directly impact the progress your child will make and could hinder them in achieving their full potential. Taking a full day of absence for an appointment is unacceptable.


Leave of absence in term time:

Amendments to Education Regulations clearly state that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Any leave taken without permission will be unauthorised and a Penalty Notice may be issued. Should it be apparent that a student has taken leave of absence and school was not notified a Penalty Notice may be issued after the event. As ever, we as a school will work in full partnership with all parents, and it is our aim as a school to make sure that your children receive the best possible education. Your support is crucial in ensuring the best possible outcomes for your children. We look forward to working collectively with you, if you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting the attendance team in school.


Distributed Leadership for Attendance: