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Careers Programme/Work Experience

Careers Programme Information

Careers Lead: Mrs. S Cooke. 

Telephone: 0161 507 9649.   



Our careers programme:

We offer a diverse careers programme focused on enriching students experiences.  We ensure we:

  • Learn from labour market information (trends in job/sector vacancies)
  • Address the needs of each pupil
  • Link curriculum learning to careers
  • Offer encounters with employers and employees
  • Offer experiences of the work place
  • Offer encounters with further education and higher education
  • Provide personal guidance


Please download our detailed Careers Education leaflet to see the full scope of what we offer.  Please also download our Curriculum Map showing the careers opportunities offered at Our Lady's.

How the school measures impact:

The Careers, Information and Guidance Programme is continually reviewed and its impact measured. Quantitative and qualitative data is used.  By this process the programme is shaped to better meet the needs of our students.

Please download our impact statement for further information.

Date for next review:

March 2021



Work Related Learning Curriculum

Our Lady’s seeks to create a Work Related Learning curriculum that connects school and its pupils to the world of work and as such, enables students to make informed choices about their futures. We aim to offer students high quality career support, of which employer engagement and work experience opportunities are key.Alongside our class based curriculum and the valuable opportunities afforded by Work Experience, links with Higher Education, Further Education Institutions, and Employer engagement activities, we offer independent and impartial advice and guidance as part of our multi-faceted, integrated careers strategy.


It is our aim that every young person who attends Our Lady’s, regardless of their background, has the information, exposure and support to make informed and correct choices in moving towards their working future and fulfilling their full potential. We recognise there are key milestones in their time in education and especially at key transition points when they are making important choices. By understanding possible career paths and educational routes, we believe students are motivated to do well, realising the importance of good literacy and numeracy skills for all types of careers.


Our Lady’s R.C. High School holds IAG Bronze certification, hopefully to achieve Silver this year. These are nationally recognised accreditation awards for delivery of quality Work Related Working programmes in schools. We seek to shape our evolving provision around the Gatsby Benchmarks.


Work Experience Protocol

  1. Work experience for Year 10 is always just before Easter. Prior to going out on work experience, in early October a letter is sent out to all parents introducing work experience.
  2. Assembly in October outlining expectations and requirements for work experience
  3. At the assembly students are given a self-placement form and told to hand it back to Mrs Eavers (work experience co-ordinator) along with a copy of their employer liability insurance. The form needs to be handed in no later than Friday 8th November.
  4. Once the self-placement form is handed in a letter of confirmation is sent out to parents detailing the work experience placement for their child.
  5. A confirmation letter is sent to the employer thanking them for agreeing to take the student and explaining that a member of staff will be coming out to visit them.
  6. Two weeks before the students go out we have another assembly to reiterate expectations and to hand out the work experience diary. Students are expected to complete the diary every day whilst on their placement.


Once out on work experience

  1. On the first day of the placement we ring the employer to make sure they have arrived safely and everything is OK.
  2. Every student has a visit from a member of staff whilst on their placement.
  3. The employer is given an evaluation form to complete for the student.
  4. This form will go in their Record of Achievement folder when they leave in Year 11.

Find out more

Work Experience for Year 10 students will take place 23rd March - 3rd April 2020

To find out more about our work experience programme take a look at our work experience policy on the 'policies' page of the website.