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Music is an international language which at its very core is exceptionally inclusive. Music helps to develop performing, composing and listening skills, allowing passion and talent to thrive, as well as soft skills relevant to a wide range of career options such as team working, organisation and appraisal skills. It is well respected amongst Further Education establishments due to the academic nature and cultural capital it promotes.


Students at Our Lady’s study music as part of the National Curriculum in years 7 and 8, engaging with a range of topics such as Film Music, World Music (African, Brazilian, Gamelan), music representing Galaxies and Space and Popular Music.


At GCSE, students follow the Edexcel GCSE Music specification. With Performance, Composition and Listening skills at its core, the course enables students to progress directly from KS3 through learning to perform, compose and appreciate different types of music. Students will develop a holistic view of music through developing critical and creative thinking, cultural, aesthetic and emotional awareness, and the ability to make music individually and as part of a group.


Downloads to help with classwork, extended work or coursework, can be found on SENECA and BBC Bitesize.


Miss Durbin is Head of Music.


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Head of Faculty:

Mr T Banham


Head of Department:

Miss J Durbin



Mr Z Grenier
Miss S Nicholson